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BLUE LIN | Basic Shawl Magnetic 4.0 (UPGRADED)

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FIRST 3 Seconds Pin-less Hijab with Magnetic Technology for Smart Woman (Daily, Travel & Work). The magnetic technology allows for quick and easy wearing, and with strong Magnetic Technology ensure a secure fit without the need for pins, preventing damage and leaving no holes. 

Product Details:

Premium Textured Chiffon, Minimal Ironing

2 x 0.8 metres, Standard Size

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Built-in Curved Industrial Magnet

The jasmine Built-in Magnet offers strong 10x Magnetic Technology to ensure a secure fit without pins, preventing damage and leaving no holes. The edges of the magnet have been expertly curved to minimize damage due to friction between the magnet and the fabric while maintaining the top quality of your Magnetic Hijab. The iron-less fabric is easy to shape and style, making it hassle-free. The magnet is also Anti-rust; the hijab can be washed normally by hand or washing machine (with a Laundry Bag)

Upgraded Magnetic Thread Design
The Jasmine now has just one hidden stitch along the awning's inner side.Unlike previous versions which often showcased visible stitches. With this new thread design. The Magnetic Shawl's awning and draping appear flawlessly seamless, regardless of how it is styled.

Packaging: Exclusive TJ Foldable Hard Box

Box website

Care Tips:

Hand Wash (Highly Recomended) Or, 

Washing Machine, Attached Both of the Magnets then Placed It Into a Net Laundry Bag

AVOID, Dryer Machine and Softner.